Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I had to write...

You are truly the sweetest part of my day,
The reason for my smile,
Even in my darkest times,
I listen, and long for your call.

Your voice brings me joy when I am joyless.
I imagine you in my arms--
When I go to sleep,
I dream that I lay within the curve of your body.

This is a simple missive,
No frills in this poem,
Just my heart on a platter,
My words completely honest.

This is no sonnet for the ages,
No great work that will outlast us--
But what is immortality,
Compared to the treasure that is love?

I would trade a million chances at poetic fame,
Just for the chance to pass time with you.
We cannot know what the future will hold.
We cannot know what track this life will take--

All that we can truly know, is what we have in this moment.
We cannot even know reality,
But this,
This feels real.

The older I grow, the less I am certain of,
Yet when it comes to you,
I know.
Us? I know.

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