Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Sonnet for my Valentine

I have been meditating on your secret picture message for days,
My heart and soul drenched by desire to be beside you
Even across time, across distance, you are near me in so many ways,
When I want nothing more than to lie in bed, thoughts of you prompt me to--
Arise again and meet the day with a smile.
Thinking of you, reminds me of the little joys in this life.
Our love is never stifled by the space of miles,
Not every obstacle before me causes strife.
My mind strays from what is before me, my thoughts drift,
Suddenly I am right beside you, smelling you in my room,
Timeless in your touch, geography is no rift.
Even my body has joined you beneath the moon.
You are my dream both day and night,
Visions of holding you close, fill me with light.

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