Tuesday, September 29, 2009


You said to me,
"If you could only see yourself through my eyes."

The thing is--
I can.

I never believed it
But one person can change your world.

One moment of complete understanding
Can change your life.

You helped me see
What I really I am.

I was beautiful,

For the first time I began to believe
I was not something hideous and wrong.

My self-hatred melted.
My sun began to shine.

I stopped seeing myself
Deformed and worthless.

I was not a drain
I had something to offer.

You changed how I looked at myself
And that changed me.

I am becoming.

My wings have sprouted.
I leave the nest far behind.

I leave my pain, heartache and sorrow
To become what I was born to be.

My fear too has melted
Everything feels effortless now.

Why could I never see myself before?
Why did I waste so much time in fear and self-loathing?

I want to remember this feeling for eternity.
I always want to remember who I really am.

I have become--

Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm not Promising the Moon

The quiet, cool of city streets,
A deep January night.
Pavement crawls away beneath my feet,
As the soles of worn shoes
Tap out the beat,
Of the music playing softly in my soul.
I close my eyes,
Feel the movement of gently rushing air,
Lift me up on pointed toes as though to fly--
And I sigh,
As my body sways to the sound,
Of the growing crescendo
Rising off the silent ground.
Pale and lovely,
the full moon, cracks her smile,
Before I have trudged another mile--
I feel her sweet breath on my neck,
And the way she calls my heart,
Makes me start--
To let the tiny jewels of tears,
Condensed behind my eyes release,
A storm of blue that unfolds--
Unabating 'til the deluge is spent,
And all the tatters of my dreams are rent.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lost in Blue

Edges blurry,
Softly silent,
Like sweet, spring snow.
Opening slowly, petal by petal,
Unfolding willingly and full as a rose

No need for binding,
Safe and guarded in the enfolding arms of nemesis.
The bluish womb of a chameleon,
Who does not judge,
Because we are one.
Intertwined for both warmth and comfort.

Downy skin where I can nestle—
Deep in peace,
Without oppression.
Time shared,

Spanning an instant,
Spanning an eternity.
The length of the second unimportant—
All that is relevant,
Is being together.
No need for binding,

Bound only by mutual desire,
Beneath the lovely cloak of blackness and interlocking shadow
That neither sees nor judges,
Only allows us a tighter embrace,
A fiercer ecstasy.

I want to lose myself to you entirely,
Bury my face in your hair,
Smell its fragrance,
Feel its silkiness on my bare cheek.
The damp moisture of skin on skin,
Maybe we nibble at each other,
Sucking up the taste,

A little salty, touched with a hint of floral sugariness.
Far outside thought,
Lost in sensual union,
Where future and the world outside you and I fall away
And we are left alone in a knot of limbs and sheets.