Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Love Poem...

The caress of your hand along the hollow of my back,
Your careful fingertips tracing my jawline,
The way you tilt my head to kiss me,
I treasure this in every moment--

You call me beautiful and I believe you--
There's something in your voice,
I remember in my most doubtful moments,
I whisper to myself your sweetest endearments.

Within your arms,
I feel accepted,
Just as I am.
And I watch myself accepting you as you are.

Never in my lifetime,
Have I known such surety,
That I am loved,
Purely as I am.

This might seem like a small thing,
But in truth,
This is everything
I could ever dream of.

This is what naked really is
And I have no desire left
To cover myself up,
Or to be other than I am.

At night,
As I drift into dreams,
I am always
Right beside you, in heart and in mind.

A Sonnet for my Valentine

I have been meditating on your secret picture message for days,
My heart and soul drenched by desire to be beside you
Even across time, across distance, you are near me in so many ways,
When I want nothing more than to lie in bed, thoughts of you prompt me to--
Arise again and meet the day with a smile.
Thinking of you, reminds me of the little joys in this life.
Our love is never stifled by the space of miles,
Not every obstacle before me causes strife.
My mind strays from what is before me, my thoughts drift,
Suddenly I am right beside you, smelling you in my room,
Timeless in your touch, geography is no rift.
Even my body has joined you beneath the moon.
You are my dream both day and night,
Visions of holding you close, fill me with light.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I had to write...

You are truly the sweetest part of my day,
The reason for my smile,
Even in my darkest times,
I listen, and long for your call.

Your voice brings me joy when I am joyless.
I imagine you in my arms--
When I go to sleep,
I dream that I lay within the curve of your body.

This is a simple missive,
No frills in this poem,
Just my heart on a platter,
My words completely honest.

This is no sonnet for the ages,
No great work that will outlast us--
But what is immortality,
Compared to the treasure that is love?

I would trade a million chances at poetic fame,
Just for the chance to pass time with you.
We cannot know what the future will hold.
We cannot know what track this life will take--

All that we can truly know, is what we have in this moment.
We cannot even know reality,
But this,
This feels real.

The older I grow, the less I am certain of,
Yet when it comes to you,
I know.
Us? I know.