Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Love Poem...

The caress of your hand along the hollow of my back,
Your careful fingertips tracing my jawline,
The way you tilt my head to kiss me,
I treasure this in every moment--

You call me beautiful and I believe you--
There's something in your voice,
I remember in my most doubtful moments,
I whisper to myself your sweetest endearments.

Within your arms,
I feel accepted,
Just as I am.
And I watch myself accepting you as you are.

Never in my lifetime,
Have I known such surety,
That I am loved,
Purely as I am.

This might seem like a small thing,
But in truth,
This is everything
I could ever dream of.

This is what naked really is
And I have no desire left
To cover myself up,
Or to be other than I am.

At night,
As I drift into dreams,
I am always
Right beside you, in heart and in mind.

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