Sunday, December 20, 2009


Daydreams are perhaps sweetest dreams,
Between words,
And actuality,
Lies a plane,
Outside sane,
Where fantasy rules,
And all are fools,
Lost in the murky haze,
Of imagination craze.

Leave my vessel,
Go to nestle,
Inhibitions, laid aside,
I cannot hide,
From the language of this dream.

It seems,
I am stripped naked,
And you are there,
I bare,
Myself before you,
To the waist,
Let you taste,
All the fruit I have to offer.

Feed on my soul,
I will not hold,
Back from your touch,
Nor arms length from your gaze,
I would raise,
Us both to any height,
For just one night
Of the sight,
Of you laying softly,
Never lofty,
Beside me,
In my arms.

One night unrestrained,
All desire untamed,
Where I would take you,
Make you,
In an embrace,
Outside time,
Outside place,
You need not hesitate,
I will not harm you,
Or alarm you,
Merely leave you shaking,
No need for faking,
In the moment that we spend,
In the end,
Wrapped within the paper,
Pressed within the pages of my daydream.

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