Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sonnet 9

You say, "I can't believe the way we fit."
It is inexplicable, the way the curves of our flesh seem to meld as one--
That we belong this way--is clearly it.
Wherever I lay my head we seem to melt into some--
Shape, I cannot explain but--"It just feels right."
I nestle my head against your chest, into the shadow of your collar bone
Merging, one warm body in the early night.
Wrapped in this embrace, I am never alone.
Submerged, a tangle of intertwined limbs and body
Hips that ache and yearn, a contrast in the fading light
Lost in ecstasy, slightly naughty--
Cannot help but to want you, bathed in twlight
I count the days, track the minutes
Until I join you again, deep within it.

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