Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sonnet 8

Lately, my nights have been dark, sometimes almost too dark to see beyond this one--
In those moments--it is your voice that is my beacon in that seeming endlessness--
I long for you, turning like a flower towards the sun.
Sometimes I fancy myself completely alone, trapped in friendlessness.
You remind me, remind me, there are cares beyond mine
Echoes, tears and aches in the universe I cannot fathom
Somehow this does not pain me but reminds me, that I am fine
My own terror, nameless fears are not a yawning chasm.
You are a mirror of that which frightens me, yet you do not succumb to fear
I find you uncompromising and realize I admire you, wish to be worthy of your attention
My flesh trembles inside the silken shadows, desire you here
That I dream of you, even awake, I scarcely mention.
Every time we speak, every second you are in my life
Those are the times, the moments free of strife.

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