Friday, November 13, 2009

Heartbreak, Heartmend

Pondering past problems
In pursuit of new solutions.
Thought I had gone and buried them
Deep in a safe place
But they were hiding in my very cells
Making me sore and ill
And I didn't even know
Except in nightmares
That left me shaking
Wracked by blinding migraine pain.

My spine ached
Pain travelling from the base
To the crown
I stretched and contorted
I saw doctors to no avail
But they found nothing
And I could not shake the pain.
Only yesterday--
Beneath the hands of a masseuse,
Did things suddenly become clear.

I lay on my side
His hands explored along my spine
When his fingertips found the area behind my heart,
Something released.
I pressed my eyes shut tightly
To keep the tears from squeezing out the corners.
In that moment, I knew
My heart was broken.

This revelation was a blessing.
Suddenly, I knew why I hurt so bad
It was a great relief.
Slowly muscles throughout my body relaxed
The congestion in my lungs broke up.
I could breath again
Deep, free breaths.

I cried more on the way home
The deluge of sadness
A profound respite
From the pain I could not define.
The realization of my heartbreak
Was a liberation
To gradual mend.

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