Tuesday, September 29, 2009


You said to me,
"If you could only see yourself through my eyes."

The thing is--
I can.

I never believed it
But one person can change your world.

One moment of complete understanding
Can change your life.

You helped me see
What I really I am.

I was beautiful,

For the first time I began to believe
I was not something hideous and wrong.

My self-hatred melted.
My sun began to shine.

I stopped seeing myself
Deformed and worthless.

I was not a drain
I had something to offer.

You changed how I looked at myself
And that changed me.

I am becoming.

My wings have sprouted.
I leave the nest far behind.

I leave my pain, heartache and sorrow
To become what I was born to be.

My fear too has melted
Everything feels effortless now.

Why could I never see myself before?
Why did I waste so much time in fear and self-loathing?

I want to remember this feeling for eternity.
I always want to remember who I really am.

I have become--

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